Time trials take place every Tuesday evening at the Club house:

Distance:  4 or 8km
Venue: Charles Morkel Sports grounds.
Time:  17:50 for 18:00
Members gather early for announcements, after which the time trials are run.
The first 5 men’s and ladies’ names are published in the weekly email sent out to all members.


The “lucky draw” is held every first Tuesday of the month, immediately after the Time Trials.  Members gather in the Clubhouse for refreshments after the time trials.  Every member receives a number and is eligible to win a prize.  There will normally be a braai as well.


The “Runner” and “Strandloper of the Month” are identified every Tuesday of the month, in conjunction with the “lucky draw”.

“Runner of the Month”:  The prize goes to the member who has performed well during the previous month.

“Strandloper of the Month”:  This presentation is made to acknowledge the athlete who went out of his/her way for the club or who has achieved recognition in another sport.