The popular “Pack Runs” are run nearly every Saturday.

Information regarding the “Pack Run” is announced on Tuesdays during the Time trials.  Members are also notified by weekly e-mail and Facebook on Wednesday after Pierre has laid out the route.

Coke and water are supplied every 3km during the “Pack Race”.  For longer distances (longer than 25km) snacks are also supplied.


Pierre and Marina are handling the “Pack Runs” on a voluntary basis and receive no payment.  However, every member and visitor participating in the “Pack Runs” is requested to make a donation.  There is a “blikkie” in the “bakkie”.  The donations are then used to buy more Coke and snacks and are thus to the benefit of Club funds.

“Pack Runs” are not run when there are big races on: Bay to Bay, Red Hill, Penninsula, Two Oceans and also the local Strand and Stellenbosch races.


In preparation for the Comrades Pierre organizes a 50km “Pack Run”.  Coke, water and snacks are supplied every 3km.  This run will take place from Gordonsbay (Pick ‘n Pay Centre) to Kleinmond followed with a braai.  Provision is also made for shorter distances during this run.

Day: Saturdays
Venue:  Lord Charles Hotel parking area
Time:  06:00 (06:30 in winter)
Distance: The distance is determined by upcoming race (30km, marathons, Two Oceans, Comrades).

Contact persons:  Pierre & Marina van Zyl
Contact No.:  Tel:  021 851 6556 and 0825323376