Our club was inaugurated in 1989, and will be celebrating it’s 30th year in 2019.
Over the years we have been home to thousands of runners and athletes from all over the Helderberg area. Some of our current members used to come to the club’s activities as small children with their parents many years ago, and now they are runners and athletes themselves. We still have in the club some members who were founder members of the club almost three decades ago. This is because running is in the first place a community thing, for all of the community. When you take part in a race or a running event, you are all on the same level, whether you are a house cleaner or rocket scientist, or belong to any particular race or gender. An official special fund in the club looks after the development and support of talented athletes.
Over the years we have had athletes performing at the highest level, winning medals at national and even international competitions, even in the current year. As one of the biggest and respected athletics clubs in the Western Province, our own local 10 and 21km races have been selected to be the WP Championship races for two of the last three years. All of this would not have been possible without constant support from the local business community, and we thank everybody who have helped us over the years.
Yet we still don’t have our own clubhouse, something that has been under discussion at our AGM’s since 20 years ago! Now it’s time! With this project we are keen to invite you to become partners with us, getting excited together with us about our plans and dreams. Wouldn’t it be great if we can celebrate our 30th year with the inauguration of our clubhouse! We look forward to hosting you at this special event.