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Strand Athletic Club Information Handbook



Charles Morkel Sports Grounds

Kerk Street




P.O. Box 960

Strand 7140

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FB:  Strand Athletics Club



"Pack Runs”- Saturdays:

Pierre & Marina van Zyl

Tel:  021 851 6556

Cell:  0825323376


HILL AND TRACK SESSIONS - ZEST GROUP - The Zest Group meets Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Max Ruppert

Cell:  082566 4318

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Celia Pienaar

Cell:  0825755688

E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Time trials take place every Tuesday evening at the Club house:

Distance:  4 or 8km

Venue: Charles Morkel Sports grounds

Time:  17:50 for 18:00

Members gather early for announcements, after which the time trials are run.

The first 5 men’s and ladies’ names are published in the weekly email sent out to all members.



The “lucky draw” is held every first Tuesday of the month, immediately after the Time Trials.  Members gather in the Clubhouse for refreshments after the time trials.  Every member receives a number and is eligible to win a prize.  There will normally be a braai as well.



The “Runner” and “Strandloper of the Month” are identified every Tuesday of the month, in conjunction with the “lucky draw”.

“Runner of the Month":  The prize goes to the member who has performed well during the previous month.

“Strandloper of the Month”:  This presentation is made to acknowledge the athlete who went out of his/her way for the club or who has achieved recognition in another sport.



The popular “Pack Runs” are run nearly every Saturday.

Day: Saturdays

Venue:  Lord Charles Hotel parking area

Time:  06:00 (06:30 in winter)

Distance: The distance is determined by upcoming race (30km, marathons, Two Oceans, Comrades).

Contact persons:  Pierre & Marina van Zyl

Contact No.:  Tel:  021 851 6556 and 0825323376

Information regarding the “Pack Run” is announced on Tuesdays during the Time trials.  Members are also notified by weekly e-mail and Facebook on Wednesday after Pierre has laid out the route.

Coke and water are supplied every 3km during the “Pack Race”.  For longer distances (longer than 25km) snacks are also supplied.


Pierre and Marina are handling the “Pack Runs” on a voluntary basis and receive no payment.  However, every member and visitor participating in the “Pack Runs” is requested to make a donation.  There is a “blikkie” in the “bakkie”.  The donations are then used to buy more Coke and snacks and are thus to the benefit of Club funds.

“Pack Runs” are not run when there are big races on: Bay to Bay, Red Hill, Penninsula, Two Oceans and also the local Strand and Stellenbosch races.



In preparation for the Comrades Pierre organizes a 50km “Pack Run”.  Coke, water and snacks are supplied every 3km.  This run will take place from Gordonsbay (Pick ‘n Pay Centre) to Kleinmond followed with a braai.  Provision is also made for shorter distances during this run.



The Zest group meet Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays


Day:  Mondays

Distance:  Hill Sessions

Venue: Paarl Valley School parking area in Paarl Valley Street.

Time:  17:45 (summer)/ 17:30 (winter)


Day:  Wednesday

Distance:  Depending on the run

Venue:  Winter:  Beach at the Clock Tower//Summer:  Helderberg Nature Reserve

Time:  Summer:  17:45 (summer)/17:30 (winter)


Day:  Thursdays

Distance:  Speed Sessions

Venue: Strand High School, park in Kerk Street

Time:  17:30 (winter)/ 17:45 (summer)

A structured programme regarding hill and track sessions is followed and also works up to a specific marathon, Two Oceans or Comrades.  Each session’s programme is alternated so that it is seldom repeated.


The “Time Trial” of the first Tuesday of the month is used to see how members are progressing.  There is a “Balke Session” every few months to evaluate a member’s progress.


Every Monday and Thursday BEFORE a session, an e-mail is send out to members to prepare them for the day’s session and feed back is given on Tuesdays and Fridays AFTER a session.



An unofficial club competition is held during the year in the form of the “Tour de Helderberg.”  This competition is both physically and mentally challenging and members must compete in ALL six items.  Each session is a stage where winners are announced.  The competition is held in the Helderberg area.

The TdH consists of the following disciplines:

Monday:      7.5km “x-country”:  Helderberg Nature Reserve

Friday:       1-Mile Down Hill race: Somerset Wes

Saturday:   Half marathon, on old Strand half marathon route

Sunday:     Rest

Monday:   12km Hills: Somerset West

Tuesday:   6 or 8km Strand race:  Strand

Wednesday:  5000m track (12.5 rounds): Strand High School



The official clothes are yellow vests or crop tops  with blue inserts that are ordered from a local sponsor.  The shorts are ROYAL BLUE and can be bought anywhere.  Ladies can also run with Royal blue skirts.

Shorts, skorts, and other running clothes are also available.  A Committee member is repsonsible for the clothing and can be contacted regarding costs.



The Club’s newsletter, Strandloper, is electronically distributed every first Wednesday of the month.  It will also be located on the website.


The cost of an advertisement in the Newsletter is R50.

The amount is payable in the Club bank account and a slip, together with the advertisement are to be send to the editor.

Contact person:  Celia Pienaar

Contact detail:  0825755688 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Members are urged to “like” the Strand Club Facebook as this is the main form of communication with emails.  The Facebook  page is:  Strand Athletics Club



The Club has a website where all information, occasions, birthdays, newsletters and other news are updated.



The Club’s annual prize giving is held during September.  Prizes are given to members who have distinguished themselves in various fields during the year ranging from June to the following year.


CLUB 500 AND CLUB 1000

An important part of the prize, possible for all members, is the prizes for the Club 500/1000.  A member who has run 500 or 1000km from 1 January to 31 December in official races, receives recognition.  Members will be asked to give their official kilometres to the club captains closer to prize giving.



Specific races are identified yearly after which a ‘braai’ will be held for members.

These braai's/social gatherings are:

Peninsula Marathon

Two Oceans Marathon

Winelands Marathon.


During certain big events the gazebo will be erected for shade, but no ‘braai’s or snacks will be available.



A Special event is planned to honour the members taking part in the Two Oceans and Comrades.



This is one of the races run by the popular Strand BUS.  It is tradition during this race to do something for somebody else.  One of our previous members, Beau Schoeman started this tradition by dressing up.  This run is  “Reach for a Dream Foundation”.  Children along the way know to wait for our BUS.  You can hear "Daar kom hy" from afar.

Members running in the BUS buy sweets and dress in fancy costumes --- anything to be more noticeable and attract attention.   The BUS runs slowly --- 2½ hrs for the half marathon --- and on the way sweets are distributed.  It is a pleasure to watch children and grownups waiting along the way and laughing while catching the sweets that are thrown by us.  Though the race is on behalf of the children, WE, as members of Strandloper have just as much fun.



Our Club presents two races annually.  To be successful, EVERY MEMBER of the Strand Club must assist.  We need people to help with registration, parking, manning water tables and “marshalls” on the way.

During these races all members unite to have a successful race.  Committee members will contact members by e-mail, sms, announcements, etc. when help is needed.



Whisky Jooste was a previous chairman who died tragically in a motor accident just after registering for Comrades.  The Club started a fund in his honour, the Whiskey Jooste Fund The aim is to financially support an underprivileged club member each year to participate in the Comrades.

Ten percent of income generated by the Club’s two official races, is deposited in the Whiskey Jooste Fund.



To make logistics easier a bus is booked for the Peninsula marathon as well as Two Oceans.  Members are picked up at the Waterstone Village Centre and dropped back after the race. 



At present we share the Helderberg Rugby Club's clubhouse.  Our Club has a committee working towards finding our own clubhouse.  Several options have been investigated but nothing has been finalized, as yet.



The Annual General meeting is annually held before the end ofOctober.  During this meeting a new committee is elected for the next year and retrospection of the past year is discussed.



To be recognized for a prize in a specific age category, a member must run with their specific age number.  The numbers (40, 50, 55, 60 and 65) are obtainable from the Club captains during time trials.


Members are required to:

-          Complete the WP registration on line at:

-          The Strand Membership form

-          Pay the required membership fees.

 Payment can be done:

-          Personally at the time trials

-          Electronically and then e-mailing proof of payment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


FNB Somerset Mall

Account Number: 6242 543 4363

Bank Code:  250655


IMPORTANT – Always wear both license numbers (front and back) at all races.  Otherwise you will be disqualified by the race officials.  Even at races where you are supplied with a race number for that particular race you should still wear your license number at the back, and the race number on the front.



The ONE aspect that differentiates our Club from others are the fact that we ALWAYS greet each other during races.  If you do not have breath, a nod will suffice but please greet each other!


Yours in running,

Strand Club Committee